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The design process...



Services offered include

  • Layout design

  • Colour scheme advice

  • Soft furnishing advice

  • Make up of curtains, blinds, cushions and re-upholstery

  • Kitchen design

  • Bathroom design

  • Bespoke and fitted furniture design

  • Sourcing of individual items


We will tailor the design process to suit your project. For larger projects our approach typically follows these steps: 


Initial client meeting

We will discuss your ideas and requirements as part of an initial consultation in order to understand what is required. We will then submit a scope of works and fee proposal for your approval.


Design concept  

We will develop initial ideas on colour scheme, finishes and furniture that suit your taste and budget and create mood boards that illustrate the overall design concept for your approval. 


Detailed design development

Once the design concept is agreed, we will develop the design in more detail. We will analyse layout options, create an inventory of fabrics, materials, finishes and furniture, liaise with curtain makers and other trades to obtain quotes, and create a detailed budget for the project.


Implementation and project management

Han & Hall will work on your behalf to see the project through from start to finish. We will create a work plan to implement the design and can manage the order, delivery and installation process. We will also oversee any snagging to ensure that you are delighted with the final result.

We are happy to work with your team of professionals or can put you in touch with architects, builders, landscape gardeners and audio visual specialists that we have worked with before.


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