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1. Using a pen and plain white paper, sketch the layout of the room. don't worry about drawing it to scale.
2. Using a tape measure, measure the entire length of each wall, corner to corner.
3. After the entire length of the walls has been measured and recorded, measure each wall in detail;
  • Starting in the corner, measure the distance to the casing of the first window.
  • Next, measure the width of the window (including casings)
  • proceed to measure all items on the length of the wall. Items important to include are; doors, windows, built ins, radiatior, electrical outlets, sconce(s) etc.
  • Continue to do this for all other walls.
4. Once you have completed the detailed meaurements, make sure that they add up to your measurement of the entire length wall.
5. Additional measurements;
  • Ceiling height
  • Window height
  • Door height
  • Fireplace, hearth, length and width
6 Take note of all ceiling light fixtures and approximately indicate placement on drawing


Measure the length, width, depth, and height (as appropriate) of each furnishing you want to keep in the space.
Take a picture of the room from each corner facing towards the center of the room. Take pictures of each wall, the ceiling, the floor, and any architectural features (doors, windows, fireplace, built-ins).Take pictures of adjoining spaces and hallways. Take pictures of each piece of furniture you want to include in the design plan. Shoot from multiple angles, and include closeups of wood and metal finishes and fabrics.
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